A good half-ass isolation

My intention was to rant about my new job (which I am slowly getting happier, better at). But then I want to share my messed up, depressing mind of mine :)

I’d rather choke myself than being surrounded with irrelevant crowd. But at the same time, I can’t spend a day without meeting people. I mean my close friends, or at least those temporarily being there for me.

Then it’s the filter thing happening. I started urging myself to stop meeting random people just for timepass. And swear to you, it’s not easy. I’ve been feeling depressed, and sometimes abandoned. But I know it’s for good reason.

I spend more time reading books I’ve been planning to even before coming to Saigon (master of procrastination guys).

I enjoy and actually have time to draw weird but healing shit.

I spend more time with my housemates, and cook home-made meals (which is still instant noodles mostly).

I am better at controlling myself from overspending (can’t afford extra stuff anyway lol) & saved up quite a lot.

I learn to pour my hearts on the right places, right ones, not those listening with half of their ears.

Filtering is not all about giving away stuff. It’s also taking back what matters to you. Feeling reconnected is usually hard, but I did some. And it’s relieving when you do it with an open heart.

And yes, I spend more time working on my new job. Switching jobs to another industry means switching your mindset, logical thinking, skillset (obviously). Tools are easy, but the way you utilise them will decide if you gonna stay and flourish or go back to the old job.

Yea, so cheers, to me and my half-ass isolation.



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